Thursday, August 25, 2016

Colombia's new peace with FARC

The New York Times reports on a deal between the Colombian government and the FARC rebels. Watch for details about the treatment of past offenses by both sides' personnel (think: "false positives"). This has been a big stumbling block in the past. How was it resolved? Will the issue wind up at the Constitutional Court?

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

A new twist in Uganda

Here's a strange argument. In a court-martial in which four civilians (include a Member of Parliament) are challenging jurisdiction, the prosecutor is argument that the issue should be decided in the first instance by the High Court -- the reverse of the usual argument in such cases. Details here.

Armenian life sentence for Russian soldier

An Armenian civilian court has sentenced Russian soldier Valeriy Permyakov to life imprisonment for murdering an Armenian family. Details here, in French. Permyakov had previously been convicted of military offenses in a Russian court-martial. It is unclear where he will serve his Armenian sentence.

Another case of the slows

Much military justice in fact involves administrative rather than court-martial proceedings. What if a nation's grievance body takes forever to decide on a grievance? And how long is too long? A South African court has held that two years is more than enough, according to this report.

In the United States, Congress has struggled to get the boards for correction of military and naval records to act more promptly on record-correction applications. The Administrative Procedure Act does afford a right of action for unreasonable delay, but the standards are both high and amorphous, and relief is rarely granted.

Silence is golden

The Supreme Military Court in Paraguay has been as silent as a tomb over charges against the head of the armed forces. Details here, in Spanish.